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Memorial Tears

April 18, 2013
By ShyRhea SILVER, Cordell, Oklahoma
ShyRhea SILVER, Cordell, Oklahoma
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Smoke rained down
Fire was all around me
People were screaming
but it sounded so distant
My ears rung.
My eyes stung.

Just a dream.
But it felt so real.
I touch my face.
Tears stain.

I look around
the world is falling down.
I hate the human race.
They are blind
they are nothing.

What happened to compassion
what happened to love
what happened to humans
They hate what they should not.

I walk with my sisters
memorial to the past
lives lost to one man
in one single blast.

I did not know these people
I did not know their families
I did not know their faces.

I may not have ever met them
I never held their hand.
I didn't know these people
killed by that man

But still as I walk with my sisters
A memorial strong and bold.
Dedicated to the lost.
I am somehow found.

I did not know these people
I just know their pain
we only shared a
though still my tears fall.
For all of these strangers
I cry as if I knew them all.

The author's comments:
I did walk through the Oklahoma City Memorial and I did start crying. Lately there has been a lot happening. Like the bombs going off in Boston, so I wrote this.

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