April 18, 2013
I couldn’t help but admire the beauty of the world, wherever I was. Nature, that was my passion. It was beautiful, in many ways and kept me at peace; it chased the troubled thoughts away and just left me with stunning silence.

The golden sun slowly crept down behind the blue and green cascading mountains. Splashes of amethyst, azure, cherry, ginger, gold, and scarlet burned bright just above the peaks. And then, when the sun had made its final retreat, it was just beautiful darkness, complete inky blue, mixed with a grayish black. It was complete bliss.

The stars dazzled and danced about the night, sparkling, each one like a diamond. Sparkling above me with the moon lighting up my surroundings. The wind blew softly and the crickets chirped to each other loudly. I could hear the frogs down at the pond croaking in the night. The sweet smell of fresh air surrounded my nostril’s and masked me into a feeling of complete ease. I laid back and looked up into the sky, dotted with a million crystals. This was ecstasy.

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