Just remember that

April 17, 2013
Late afternoon, winds are blowing strong,
But I wasn’t scared, I knew that you’ve been here all along

The clouds are swirling darker, hiding the sky,
but its the memory of your light that are getting me by

Trees are bending over, almost touching their toes,
what you showed me when I was younger is not letting go

But then everything stops. I hear no chirping birds,
as the first drop falls i’m suddenly lost of words

With no shampoo or soap, theres a shower in the air,
no robes or towels or shoes, just my feet very bare

I leap into the street, no worrying about the warning,
I want this to last right now until tomorrow morning

But then its now I see you, your glow is breathtaking,
I can’t stop my stare at the light you are making

You light up the sky like day, the shadowy clouds are brightning,
Ill watch you anyday, just remember that, Lightning.

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