I'm Hurt

April 18, 2013
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I'm hurt,
And lonely.
They think I'm okay,
But I'm just playing.
That's what they see,
On the outside,
But inside,
My heart is broken.
They had to tell me,
Didn't they?
I never knew that he,
Had someone else
In mind,
Or that she shared,
Those thoughts.
I'm lonely,
Because I thought
He liked me.
He sits in front of me,
He doesn't know I
Love him.
I'm crying again,
Because I didn't expect,
My heart to break.

I don't know.
I used to get all excited,
When we made eye contact.
But now,
I don't know.
Why did I think that,
Just because he says “good morning”
on the bus, that
He actually cared,
About me.

I'm hurt,
And lonely.
I was in love,
But now,
I don't know.
Maybe I still am,
But I don't know.

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