The Plight of Youth

April 20, 2013
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We, are the underrepresented. Our time has apparently not yet come for us to make a difference. What we have to say does not always strike the ears of those who should care. How is being alive not a sufficient enough reason to be heard though? What gives you the right to put us down? Look down upon us and you will look towards a future where you will be miserable. You will have no one to blame, no one to shame so that they too may sink down to your retched level. Try and realize our potential, here and now. Do not laugh at our dreams and aspirations, you once had your own. And if you have given up on them long ago, please, please do not drag us down with you. Do not allow us to fail. For if we fail, we will fail hard. This is the time to give us direction and steer us towards the right path. Allow us to make mistakes. For mistakes are vines that we hold onto in the dark that guides us towards the light. We are not one to be forgotten, we make our mark whether you like it or not. We are your daughters and sons, we are your sisters and brothers, we are your nephews and nieces and we may also be your grandchildren. We are the adolescence of your past and the blurry light that resembles your future. Give us the chance to sharpen that light and ease your mind of the unknown. We are simply kids with just enough knowledge and curiosity to fuel our minds. We are, and forever will be, teenagers.

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