Who are We?

April 20, 2013
Children are our past
Adults are our future
But now in the presence
We stand forward

Stuck in the middle called Teens
Adults call us children and young
Children call us old. but today
We call ourselves Young Adults

Young adults is a strong saying
But we are ready to go make something of our
Lives. We have the ideas, we have the plan
Let’s set our futures in motion

Growing up is never easy
being stuck in the middle gives you
Advantages, you see adults and choose
If they are are worthy role models or not

When stuck in the middle
You notice the younger
kids and become
Their role models

Now we’re ready to
Take on the world
And once know for a
Fact that the world is ours

Let’s begin to start
A life way better than
Before and become
The people we should be

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