Seeing what needs to be Sea-n

April 16, 2013
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The Wind has taken me you see,
And I am gone past what I used to be,
I am stronger in my heart although it didn’t seem so real,
but to me, it’s true and I’m not doubting how I feel.
I ran around the world and back for you,
And you stuck your foot out to trip me,
I tried to get a grip on the scenery,
But instead I got dragged out to sea,
I screamed and cried for you,
But you wouldn’t look me in the eyes,
And honestly now that I think back,
It was no surprise.
I stopped screaming and paddled myself out to sea,
I’m happy as long as I’m somewhere you won’t be,
You don’t see it now but you will,
That I am stronger then you ever made me feel,
Before you ever begin to think that this isn’t the end,
Just remember that you will not break me again.

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