Life Doesn't Always Go On

April 15, 2013
You look down on me
Smiling from you beautiful paradise
I know you're happy where you are
but tell me why did you go
you left me here stray and alone
you sprite floats a mist , without my hand to hold
You may be , gone but i promise ill never let you go
today make four years
but forever explains so much more
only if they understood why you packed your bags
and headed for the door
i never got to say my final goodbyes
and honestly if i had the chance
i’d probably be still talking now
and i wouldn't see your face
when i look into the clouds
I knew you thought that no one would understand
but i knew it was hard for you to play that gambled hand
I knew that maybe one day y'all draw a deuce , and all be wild
but instead you forfeit out
And sometimes i think that maybe somehow
i could’ve kept your smile
and gently removed your fingers one by one
before you were able to whisper goodbye
and Boom, Life was done

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