Why i cry

April 11, 2013
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I cry knowing I fell in love

With someone who didn’t give adman

I cry because he broke my heart

While mended yours . .

I cry knowing you two are in love

and you always rub it in my face

knowing I’ll never have him

& as I cry myself asleep at night

Thinking of what we could have been . .

Wishing things to be different once again . .

I cry because I gave my heart to someone

Who didn’t want it . .

Hoping he might some how change his mind . .

I cry because im living a lie

& going through the same *stuff

As I once did before . .

Thinking this will never happen after the *first time.

I cry knowing you used me as

I got a fix of of being used

That finally ran dry . .

As I lay her on the ice cold floor

Razor by my head drenched in my blood wishing

If you’d only loved me . . . </3


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