First Love

April 14, 2013
By 7_Ambitions GOLD, Bronx, New York
7_Ambitions GOLD, Bronx, New York
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There's no , you
theres no me
because the day i agreed
you and i became we

let think back when we weren't a we
you were just you
and i was just me
ever so often
we go the chance to speak
the zoo rumble in my stomach
and my knees became weak
this feeling wasn't normal
but i didn't pass it off
as a stomach bug
because back in 2011
i witnessed my first love

i remember thinking
that this was just
a middle school crush
you know the kind thats
‘just your valentine
and ever so often
makes you blush
i was blinded
and could have never predicted
what was next to come
when middle school
i thought this middle school crush was done

with that in mind
i tried to move on
but every time something felt wrong
truly you were what my heart yearned
luckily you felt the same
because one day after so long
on my phone appeared your name

months have passed
but yet my heart was still attached
“will you be my girlfriend you ask”
sadly my response was stupid
so you went a got help
from famous baby cupid

24 i'll always remember
because that was the day
that i and you
made in us
one day past forever
we'll look back and still be
and when the clock strikes infinity
you'll still mean the world to me

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