I Hope

April 15, 2013
I hope that when you stomp your feet
Instead of sending ripples in the earth
You are catapulted upwards
Into the stars and into the galaxies to say
Bonjour, to the planets and the stars.

I hope that you jump so high
That when you look down below
You do not loom or hover but instead you cartwheel
Across cities and towns and everyone you’ve left behind
Because you won’t be forgotten.

I hope that your feet tread lightly on our tangerine skyline
That when you look up you brush your fingertips along our stars
You sprinkle down periwinkle dust
For everyone thats grounded to share and hold
A little part of their universe, and a little part of you.

I hope that while you spin circles in our atmosphere
You discover that you create and you build yourself
Brick by brick from your toes to ears
And when you look into the sunshine you realize
That you were never really alone.

I hope that when you pirouette on the rings of Saturn
That you turn your face to the warmth
To help you fly back to the planet where you were once from
That the blush of the sunset and the glow of the starlight
Help you believe that you were worth it all along.

I hope that when you finally float down
From your soul rumspringa
That you can see then what you’re made of
I hope that when you’re back on the ground
That your head can stay in the clouds
Because once you go up
You never come back down.

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