What I am...

April 12, 2013
I fall into the endless chasm of time,
Floating and drowning at the same time,
Holding onto your belief, onto your hope and your love,
Aren't you me?
Because you would know how,

I’m that twinkling star of the dark night,
I’m that sweet little breeze that blows by,
I’m that jar of dreams unfulfilled,
All of this,
Yes, all of this,

You lock me in,
There’s no way out,
There’s a current of passion,
In all the things you’ll do,

I am smashed by the force of your patience,
I’m frightened by the power of your gaze,
I’m in love with the way you endure things,
And how you seek me out even in the haze,
All of this,
Yes, all of this…

I’m life,
I’m what you live,
Your existence,
I’m you.

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