April 12, 2013
Thoughts jumble together, unreadable.
You cannot process anything through the pain,
The nagging, pulling feeling at your heart.
No one is going to save you now,
You are alone in your misery.

Tears spring from your eyes, unstoppable.
You become aware that you are sweating,
Your hands trembling violently;
But you only notice for a moment
Before you go under again.

The worst part is not being in control.
Not knowing when this pain will end,
Only knowing no one is able to help you.
The pain you feel in your heart, in your gut,
Is almost physical; coursing through your body.


Eyelids flutter restlessly, awakening.
You are almost able to breathe evenly again,
In and out. In and out.
You still can’t quite figure it out;
What is going on?

Fighting for consciousness, losing.
You feel a sharp sensation in your arm as it spasms.
Right arm fighting for control,
Moving towards the pain in your left
Slowly, jerkily.

Your arm feels on fire as you rip the needle out.
Your eyes, weary and red, see the tubes
And green liquid in a pouch hanging on the wall.
A moment of relief before your mind reels with the realization:
The poison is still running through your veins.

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