Turn Up The Music Loud

April 13, 2013
Stop! Stop the noise! I can't stand to be yelled at again.
I'm done being hurt and torn down, I'm done caring.
I want to escape, to be far away, to never see that fate again.
Where's the love? What happened to happiness?
I'm done caring, I want to escape. Turn up the music loud, I want to day dream.
I want to picture the things I want. I wish to have peace and love again. Why does it leave? Why can't I keep it?
It's hurts to care, so I quit. My scars are everywhere, I must hide them. No one can see the pain I'm in. I refuse to hurt like I've been.
I'm far away, nowhere to be found. I won't be that person again, I won't let the scars remind me. I'm starting over, no more pain.
I'm new, I'm done being me. I am now just a memory. I won't go back, I won't be missed. I don't mind, I'm done caring.
I'm gone. No more worries. No problems, but why can I still hear the yelling? Why aren't I happy?
I still hurt. Why won't the pain stop? It's not gone so I turn up the music louder.
With my head in my hands and the tears falling, I pray to God to escape.
The music is loud. I picture myself playing it.
My fingers flying fast, my heart beating faster. No one watching, just me playing. As the song comes to an end I cry harder.
The pain consumes me, I want it to stop. It won't go away so I turn up the music loud.

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