Is One Thing but Means Another

April 9, 2013
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When I say I’m fine that’s really code for,
“I’m terrible, I miss you.”
When you ask how are you doing.
I answer by asking, “ Do you know how much I want us back,”
And when you see me smile on the inside I’m crying
Remembering the sweet memories of you and me.

I cry because you moved on to another guy
And I know he’s the best and I’m the worst
But I was you first and wanted be you last but that was in our past
So I guess I ended up last again
To another man who seems he can do what
To dry your tears and hold you near and dear to this old tortured but still beating heart of mine.

So when you ask me how I am
I can say one thing but mean another because that’s how I hide those tears
Each tear holds of memory near and dear to me but I guess not you because you found a new,

So I guess I understand
When the sands of time in our hourglass
Have emptied then ill know that it’s through
Over between me and you but always remember
Ill say it doesn’t hurt but it does,
And ill say one thing but ill mean another
Because Ill never say what I mean but I will always
Mean what I say.

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