A Walk in the Night

April 7, 2013
I muddle through this nightmare alone —
Without my love.

I have loved and lost;
I bleed a lover’s blood.
Blissfully unaware, I walked under the pale moon.
Then, she stabbed me in the back
And slit my throat —
With cupid’s corroded arrow.
I bleed a lover’s blood.

Now, I wallow in crimson tears,
Watching memories in my cardinal reflecting pool:
The days our bond was covalent,
The electric connection of love
Strung our hearts together.
Sharing each other,
We held on tight.

Then there were days where
We lay together in bed —
Separated by a silent veil.
We left the sheets strewn about,
Crumpled on the floor.
We floated out the door like specters —
No coffee,
No conversation,
No connection.

My head spins as I reenter reality.
How will this gouge heal?
This beautiful assassin abandoned me.
She flew into the night
Searching for her next victim.

The puddle’s fingers spread towards my head
Enveloping my pain,
Eradicating my worries.
It baptizes me
With the red waters of rebirth.
It promises me a better life —
Without my love.

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