They Say

April 11, 2013
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They say it's 4 the best,
but they dont say why.
They say this is an improvement
but they dont say how it's going 2 improve.
They say it's going 2 get better
but how wuld they kno?
it might even get worse.
They say it culd of been worse...
how can it get worse? This is
the worsest it can get
Watch wen i die they'll say
I wish it never happened this way
but why shuld they b crying?
They shuld b celebrating that im gone
I am just a troublemaker,
I am the flaw of them all,
juss a burden on their shoulders.
So why bother cry, not like u really cared.
Im not worth any of ur tears,
y bother weep over sumthing
as useless as

be careful whos toes you step ontoday cuz they might belong to the foot that kicks your a** tomorrow

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