Yearning for the one i cant have

April 11, 2013
By Chero8p PLATINUM, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
Chero8p PLATINUM, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
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Yearning for the one I cant have is hard to do

Especially when im in love with him. .

It’s hard to know. .

He’s in love with her. .

Im yearning for someone

I once had but lost

Which I know I’ll

Never get him back. . .

Knowing that I still have the key to his heart

& holding tight . .

Wishing to be in his

Arms once again .

To tell him I love him . .

& for him to whisper

“I love you too mylilvamp”

And to just be with him

Once more, just once .

But yearning for someone

I will never have is as

Useless as a flying pig

Speaking pig Latin. . . </3

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