Worse than Juliet

April 12, 2013
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I chose that smile because I like the way it looked
But I forgot
You know me curve for curve
No Jack in the Box could ever fool you
Though I was a silly gambler
Mistook the thief in the night
For my Savior
And there wasn't enough umbrellas in the world
To prepare me for the rain that was to ensue
The naivete of Juliet Capulet
Had nothing on me
With my selective vision
That rarely saw red flags
I never was very good at CLUE

A+ for honesty
But failure in knowledge gained
Though I did learn a lesson
Of course it had to follow the cliche of being hard
Still I struggle with the conundrum
Of being a girl
The need to be a feminine activist
And a faithful wife and mother

I need no man
But I long for you
Who is far
From Prince Charming

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