My Paradise

April 7, 2013
Looking out to the sea
The mix of purple and orange glowing in the evening sky
Blending until all is dark
As the sun sets below the horizon
Bursting into a purple twilight
The day slowing fading away
The waves continue on
Drifting in and out
The seagulls fly high in the sky
Vanishing for the night, only to come back tomorrow

I notice none of it
Not even a tiny shard
My eyes are drawn like magnets to something else
Something more beautiful
Something more warm
Someting more real
But just as exquisite
Capable of making my heart ache with longing
Because right now, all I see is heaven
In my eyes
You're paradise

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Depressed Teen said...
Apr. 16, 2013 at 11:11 pm
its really romantic. i wish a guy would see me like that
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