A Beauty Outside, A Beast Within

April 7, 2013
Her voice was as sweet as golden bells
Her hair so beautiful that all could tell
Trading herself so her father could be free
Oh, what a heroine she was thought to be
But there was another side to her deep within
A lump of coal where her heart would have been
She befriended the beast who locked her away
Bringing back his humanity slowly every day
The rose petals were falling
The beast within her was calling
As they both danced the night away

In her hand it was gleaming
A dagger that served as a double edge sword
She quickly penetrated his heart
And he fell to the floor
Too shocked to say any more
As his life was fleeing
He started transforming
Into a man she wanted all along
The perfect prince charming
Now laying in a pool of blood that mixed with tears
Falling from heartbroken eyes
The beast within her started rejoicing
Laughing as he died

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anime lover said...
Apr. 16, 2013 at 11:18 pm
oh gosh! that was a really cool twist. belle is my favorite princess, but i tots like her more when she was being all evil in your poem. ps. FIRST COMMENT
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