April 8, 2013
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He won again-
Five times in every ten.
I forget.

I forget to remember
Or rather I remember to forget.
What happened before--

It's easier this way.
No more doors left closed,
No more nothing to say.

It's forgivable really.
The past is the past,
The present is a present,

Forgive and forget.

It's silly
The way it starts.
The way it ends--

Forgiveness is an art,
Forgetting is not.
And I am no artist.

But that's the past -
It's over.
Done with.

Only now there's the future.
Ambiguous as a blank page.
Waiting to be filled with angry scribbles--

So I like to live in the present.
It's only a second.
It's over before it starts.

No room for messes,
Or burnt cookies,
Or mediocrity.

Just flip the page,
You can start over.
Right now,

Or now.
Or later.
Or when you move away

And there's nothing left to forgive.
So you can just forget.

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