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April 8, 2013
When I think of my homeland,
I long for the taste of pork dumplings, roast duck, and zhajiang noodles.
Colors like red, yellow, and jade flash through my mind.
I'm reminded of the bellows of street vendors and never-ending car horns.
China, to me, is a cacophony of sounds and sights.
It is a chaotic country, with marvelous advanced metropolises,
Cutting-edge technology and rapid fiscal reform.
However, poor rural farmlands, corruption,
And human rights violations cast a shadow on a glorious legacy.
But that is what makes China beautiful.
It clings to the past, while yearning for the future, all at the same time.
When I think of my homeland,
I long for my family, who are habiting a world of constant change.
My cousins are learning about not only Confucius, but also Obama and the United Nations.
I hope they become citizens of the world, but never forget their own chaotic homeland: China.

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