April 4, 2013
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Culinary chefs gathered
Only answering to Mom or Dad
Ready, set, create!
No time to contemplate
Start the kitchen appliances
Hands sculpting
Blizzard through the kitchen window pounding
Family burdened deep inside
A cold night’s delight
Homemade chili
Stir mixed ingredients, watch that boiling red hue
Hard work almost finishing
Sweat drops to gravity
Because of an overpowering flat stove flame
The chameleon faced chef
Sacrifices made
All equaling successful cooking
Hold it in there.
Only several seconds now

“…Dinner Time!”

A distance voice shouts
Echoing round the house
Tumbling up stairs
Fighting for a chair
Aromas beckon
Smells of heaven
Meaty seasoning
Lips puckering
Hugs given, kiss the chef
Grace spoken quickly
Spoon and bowl
Stand between me and my
Deep obsession

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