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Not to be confused with losers
or the ones I call snooters
Nerdz aren’t what we seem
let me show you what I mean

N-nervous and awkward
like Raj from the Big Bang Theory
But not all of us nerdz freeze from the mere sight of girl
in fact, some of us are girls!
Can’t have a “normal” conversation
we end up talking about our favorite anime
(Inuyasha fan girl all the way!)
Our ideal relationships are involved with Amy Pond
and the tenth Doctor Who

E-E’ chuta! He’s no Jedi!
we go to Disney World
Only to be excited by the Star Wars Experience ride
and Jedi training classes we are too old for
As kids we believed in The Force
we still do, it’s called proper grammar
Stop is Facebook hashtagers, you’re fooling no one
(look, an apostrophe in you’re!)

R-ratchet? The correct term in rancid!
rank, stale, putrid, frowzy
Not used to describe a woman’s lady parts
we aren’t up to date with the latest terminology
(Unless you are a jock trying to be a poser nerd)
but we know when our next project is due…
2 months before the due date

D-dating is for My Sims 3
our religion is our Xbox 360 and Halo games
Add in Skyrim and we blow the house up
we push our thick framed glasses up to see the screen better
Speaking of, my suspenders aren’t holding my pants up too well
(well instead of good people! *dies from exhaustion*)
My plaid shirt has a stain from the multi-tasking of
eating ramen and taking over governments

Z-zigzagged humor!
other people don’t understand it
“That’s right, Adolf. The British are coming.”
see? What did I tell you?
It makes us laugh when a fellow nerd uses a pick-up line on a cute girl or boy when we go out
when are they going to use it?
Remember, our butts are too glued to the TV and videogames to notice the outside world

Welcome to our life
but if you don’t want in it, we don’t use our knives against you
We use our sonic screwdrivers

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Ambercrombie said...
Apr. 16, 2013 at 12:00 am
Nice poem. It has a nice touch to it(: Great work!
Cozzy replied...
Apr. 18, 2013 at 4:24 pm
Thank you so much :)
Ambercrombie replied...
Apr. 18, 2013 at 10:36 pm
Haha, anytime:)
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