April 10, 2013
Racism is a disease that gets in your mind
It controls your soul and makes you blind
The result is; discrimination of mankind
It seems like it will never come to an end
Even that it appears that we are close to a trend
But still, we have not yet gone anywhere
We judge, criticize like we’re the perfect ones
And our tongue is more deadly than all the guns
Our words are like poison that makes hearts ill
it takes control and we do stuff beyond our will
I blame the TV and all those programs that it shows
But honestly it all starts when the child grows
He learns from what it is being taught at home
the bad influences makes his heart as hard as stone
That is why you see in the world so many hate crimes
And an explosion is the front page of the New York Times
We all ignore everything that is happening before our eyes
We hear governors say “it’s all okay”; yeah right those are all lies
They are just painting a pretty picture so you can’t see the facts
Open your ears and don’t throw these words in broken sacks
If we change the way we think we can be the cure to this disease
You just have to let the love of God in your life increase
And this virus out the world will be dismiss
And we can all live a life full of peace

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