Pen and Paper

April 9, 2013
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You can create,
With paper, and a pen,
A place.

This place has no boundaries
Unless you set them.
You can do anything
Or nothing at all.
You can have the mountains be cold,
Or inviting.

You can create an industrial city.
Where the smoke
Billows out,
Like a frail hand
Reaching for the smoggy sky.

Or you can have
A deserted city,
Dank and polluted
Where rats scavenge
The brown, misty water
For any signs of life.

Maybe you are optimistic,
Where the cup is half full.
You can create the hopeful
Future of Earth.
Efficient cities
Spread over a lush,
Wet, and forested land.
Where animals roam freely
And humans reuse,
Instead of create.

You can make a difference.
Whether you are optimistic,
Or not.
The people will listen
If you put your pen to paper.

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