A stunning distraction

April 4, 2013
By PoetrySlinger GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
PoetrySlinger GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Blonde hair
Eyes green
So heartfelt
Separated long ago
Now forever close
For this my friends
The technological love story

“Afternoon class,” she spoke grouchy
A voiced routine
Mrs. DeRosier, classroom queen of “fun”
But my attention was elsewhere

In the room

I couldn’t stop staring at
Her simply sitting over there
Katherine Hoffman, that beautiful name
Just focused as I watched her fingers type away

Soon the rest of the hour, set up
Heavy assignment books
Fingers cracked, pain swallowed
All work due back tomorrow

Wow, her laugh so pleasing
Boring homework

Silky hands worth holding

Waste out of my life

Voice from angels above
Boring as barren dessert

*Not for long though*

Once again I found myself off topic
Reading the precious message
From Katherine

Will you be my boyfriend, Matt?
My answer to you is…

Katherine to whom I answered yes
To every day since
Thanks for staying a
Stunning distraction of mine

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