Flower / Blossom = me

April 4, 2013
I am a flower
I grow tall and leave all loved ones behind
I wither away when another flower gets more water than me
I flourish and grow when I am picked and adored
I hide when my petals are in full blossom
I am apart of the dirt and cannot be moved

I am a flower alone in its pot watching all other's bear fruit
I am a flower that has more fertilizer than most but dies quicker because of it
I am a flower whose roots reach out to other's to have them break away

I am a flower that wants to become a tree
I am a flower that has black petals but a red center

I am a flower, yes I am
I am dull, bent, and smashed
But o the inside I blossom
And one day my roots will carry me places I wish to go

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