I am me

April 4, 2013
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The world defines me a disfigured image of how I'm supposed to think of myself
Misguided and confused some actually are led to believe that this image is themself
Not me no, I am of a perfect image, one that comes from no other than the eternal one
Why do we even look for acceptance through our peers, where will they be when you need someone
I am unchanged by the ways of the world, but sadly others make the decision to conform
The lost are wondering why their life isn't working the way they tried to make it form
For the works of men are no where near close to perfection, how could one even compare
You want to feel Love? Acceptance? Friendliness? Compassion? Sympathy?
Then why do you keep looking for it in just another bloke that said the same to the other six
Then why do you keep telling every girl you meet how much you'd like to have sex
See human love has never once, in the history of mankind, worked without Him in the midst
There's a never failing love out there, but the world keeps trying to prove it doesn't exist
How can you, they, I deny that there is an ultimate supreme ruler that gave us life
That alone is worth dedicating a life towards, yet He gave it to us for free, no hassle no strife
God wants you to feel the way you're supposed too, but why do you keep running away?
He's knows how many hairs are on your head, surely he knows who's right for you.
He wants to give you the world, yet you've been tricked by the world that no one loves you

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