Awaiting the Sunshine

April 4, 2013
By UlrichEmerson SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
UlrichEmerson SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Dark, cold, long days of winter

Wishing they were brightly lit like summer days

Never feeling the sunshine refresh your body

The days dragging on waiting for

the unforgetable times of summer

The bitter wind nips at the face

the worst reminder summer has

not yet arrived

The only rememberance of those days

are the memories

Finally the ice begins to melt

revealing the muddy ground underneath

soon turning into stunningly green meadows

The frigid body unthaws as the

sudden change of weather warms the body

People shedding layers of clothes as

the sun shines brighter and brighter

into the everlasting, unforgetable summer days

Remembering soon it will be time to

make more memories

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