April 4, 2013
By Peters.Brooke SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Peters.Brooke SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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For all you teachers out there,
Ever wonder what the students are thinking about?
As you continue to lecture, present, and inform

The girl by the window
Could explain in detail what that leaf looks like
Because somehow staring at a tree for a half-hour
Is more entertaining than learning about math equations

The boy that can’t seem to stay awake
Is telling himself that he’ll go to bed earlier
Which in reality, he won’t.
He will play video all night then remember
He never did his history assignment

The girl that looks perfect
Could describe 20 things that are wrong with her appearance
Split ends, dry hands, chipping nail polish
Somehow looks are more interesting than knowing
What the capital of Oregon is

The boy that aces every test
Could repeat word for word what the teacher said
Even the parts the teacher forgot
Because he knows his grades are going to get him somewhere

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