I Dare You to Listen

April 4, 2013
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I dare you to listen
To take a moment
From your busy lives

And think about these words

It is sad,
Sad that bullying has become a fad
Whether you are the bully or bullied
It should not happen in the first place

Today, when you walk through these hallways
And outside this school
And think about how nice the world would be
If we all simply loved one another
I’m sure you can all agree

This is not a non-existent fantasy,
You just have to halt,
And stop blaming your own faults
Then we can be happy

I am but one of the many voices
Who echo this message
That we have choices

The choice to stop targeting others,
When you’re only hurting yourself

The choice to help another,
By standing up or lending a helping hand

In truth,
This is all you need.

To make a choice,
and let love succeed.

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