Hope and Joy

April 9, 2013
Hope, hope, hope
It’s all I rely on
What my body strives on
I have nothing else left without hope

Joy, Joy, Joy
I only have so much left
When I put it to the test
Let joy lead the rest

I am as strong as can be
With hope taking over me
Without hope I don’t know where I’d be
But as long as I have hope
I know how to believe

Joyous children sing
Filled with laughter on the scene
Joyful birds fly
While others pass by

You fill my heart with hope
In my time of need
You help lift my soul
With the joy that you bring

He brings peace into my life
You make me happy, joy is the light
Helping pick me up when I am down
I'm hurting but you help hide my frown

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