April 6, 2013
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I live in a world where the leaves fall
Every autumn, and i cry when I see them fall sometimes
But it's a cycle, it comes and goes
It all does
It's just a fact of life and time
The memory of summer fades for a while and winter pushes it away
It's hard to remember the idyllic summer day, the precise winter snows, the single rain showers
It all feels the same, a strong line I ride on as it draws itself across the paper
And in the winter
It's hard to remember a world where it wasn't cold and dark
And in the winter we must forget the summer to stay alive
And in the autumn, I can't picture the summer storms
And in the summer, I've forgotten that the world can be cold and dark
No moment lasts, not even for a second
With each turn and each spin and each flip of the coin and each go round the track, the once sharpened edges grow rounded, the once harsh sun grows dimmer, the plumed masterpiece of clouds turns to white dust, the leaves become muted hues, the snow becomes lukewarm fluff
The colors fade and time does a wash cycle on nature

I love in a world filled with trees of all types
Decidedly deciduous with
Buildings and grasses, people all so different
No shocks, no poignant faces, no sticking thought
It all just flows on through forever
Ever changing, never the same.

We crossed the border from the jungle
Where summer lasted forever
And the storm lingered every day
Same time same length
An inevitability, as certain as the hand striking the hour on the clock
The church bells ringing on Sunday
We traversed with our passports into the cold
Into the change, we chose to escape
Cycle ourselves out of our pasts
We chose to leave and forget
We chose to change, but in your mind
you're is still stranded in the place where the heat sets memories on fire and burns your heart day and night
You're still in the jungle
Where the leaves never fall, and the memory remains brilliant green, so brilliantly green,
Where the tiger within you roars day and night, where the storm clouds cluster at three,
Where you've held on to the rock, forgot to let go, and became it,
and your pain stays alive and

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