A Figurative Flaming

April 5, 2013
Do I turn up the heat in a rap battle?

That answer rhetorical,

Because I go off on you like you’re Steve Urkel.

Yo, I’m winning, call me Charlie Sheen,

Chilling in the corner, look at this scene bean,

But get out of here, because I don’t care about a rhyme scheme.

If I ever saw ya I’d be like “I wouldn’t wanna be ya.”

Call that an insult because I hit you with my onomatopoeia.


Sorry I'm trashing you like a sacrificial lamb.

Like Shakespeare I got that iambic pentameter,

Can’t meet me halfway because I’m the whole diameter,

My personification out there, my beats taking a vacation.

English is beautiful, the language of our nation.

I’m clean as a whistle, spotless, don’t need a car wash,

I just spat some bars, calling that some backwash.

How’d you like that imagery?

My raps, hottest in the industry.

Boy I know my figurative language,
Why don’t you hop in the kitchen and make me a sandwich?

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