Growing Up

April 5, 2013
Once there was a little girl
Who wore her curly hair in a ponytail
And had no makeup on her blushed face.
She wore comfortable clothes,
And her normal, proportional body
Was covered in scars
From playing outside.
Everyone was her friend,
But she ignored boys
Because they had cooties.
She didn’t care what anyone thought of her.

Once there was an awkward tween
Who was self-conscious about her ratty hair
And reddened face.
She didn’t think her clothes were cool.
Her body seemed too big,
And was no longer covered in scars
Because no one would play outside with her.
Her “friends” were saying mean things about her,
And boys were ignoring her
Because she wasn’t normal.
She was starting to care what people thought of her.

Now there is a depressed teen
Who straightens her hair
And wears makeup to hide the flaws on her face.
She wears skintight clothes
On a body that still isn’t thin enough
And is covered in scars again,
But they aren’t from playing outside.
She has many “friends”, but doesn’t have any friends.
Boys are starting to notice her
Because she’s normal now,
And she cares a whole lot about what people think of her.

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