Tolerated Tyranny

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We have become trapped
beneath a dictatorship
what happens when
everyone gives up and gives in?
When we become trapped in this eternal rat race,
Which we call normal.

Why stay content?
Why stay comfortable inside these walls,
never daring to push the limits,
ever content with where we are at,
running and running,

And who would dare contest?
Fear of being an outcast overwhelms all else
Everyone seems pleased just to BE,
Who will push our limits?
What little light needs to be let in,
to remind us of where we once were?

Question everything,
to surrender is to be consumed
never cease to find the new cracks in the walls
the marks and holes,
the slits and scrapes,
and one day perhaps,
we will escape this wretched prison,
these four walls that confine and bind us,
and we will be free of this tyranny
the evil being that we call “Normal”

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