How Poetry Set Me Free

April 4, 2013
There were times that I just wanted to scream

Leave this world and into the next

But I fear the pain more than my life so it seems

And so my minds constantly vexed

It is then that it came to me that words do save

My thoughts don’t need to be told in a normal way

Poetry soon became a close friend

One I could never deny

I finally had some peace of mind

My thought they would spill in a mumble of letters

And soon I had whole lines put together

My soul became just a little bit lighter

No longer chained by my tears

I flew and flew so much higher

And I am no longer leashed by my fears

I have to give my thanks to all poetry saints

It was them who introduced me to a new way to see

Through words I found a release

In my mind there is peace

Memories of dark past expressed

And I no longer have pent up stress

Poetry has set me free

So that I can become who I want to be

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