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Nature With a Name

April 5, 2013
By ShyRhea SILVER, Cordell, Oklahoma
ShyRhea SILVER, Cordell, Oklahoma
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"I'm too imaginative for my own good."

The storm it grows
It blows as my window
Energy force my hand
My window I throw open.

Then something happens
The nature is forming
Forming a new me
A true me

First the rain
Cascading over my hair
But not falling
Clinging the more that comes
The longer the hair grows

Next the wind
A tornado through my hair
My hair it changes
From straight and short
to curls at my ankles

The lightning comes
A strike aimed for me
But it does hurt

It comes to me
Light in my eyes so bright
I must shut them
but they open again

A mirror on the ground
Broken but I can see
I have changed
Black curls have changed
to a startling color

To my eyes I stare
but my eyes are not as they were
not brown is looking back at me
But another color

I have been changed
I am no longer human
I know this is true
I am a thing
I am a Nature With a Name

The author's comments:
I have lived this. I see this.

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