The Time has Come

April 5, 2013
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Shadows loomed over the land.
Water glistened under the sun.
The moon reflected upon thousands of tears.

There was an earthquake.

On top of the mountain, the air whistled.
And far off into the horizon, in the East.
The ocean crashed among itself.

The water did not like to settle,
so they leaped off from their surface.
The water is always rising, never descending.

They moved as fast as they could in all direction.
They spread the same way as a flower would bloom.
The beginning and the ending has only begun to bloom.

The Grim has come to collect the small soul.
The water came to swallow the island.
The people stared at their precious ones leave their side.

The tsunami swelled.

Never fear of the obstacles.
Never fear to wipe out the small island.
Never fear to destroy that nuclear.

Now the people has to start from the beginning.
Now a door open to a long road for recovery.
Now the time has come for a new beginning.

The time has come.

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