Terrible Beauty

April 5, 2013
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Never willing to touch the ground,
Taking off into the endless oceans.
Going on adventures that are beautiful yet terrifying.

To the East,
fires spews everywhere upon the tiny island.
The volcano erupts as the Hawaiians ran their tiny legs as fast as possible.
Bodies in helpless form are molded from the molten rocks.
Grasses starts to grow everywhere with colorful flowers.

In the South-East,
earth shatters upon the clashes of plates.
The rocks reveal their insides and forces the woods to clash with one another.
The buildings shake with fear upon Chile.
The earth shows the layers of hues that ranges from red to orange to yellow through the cracks.

To the far West,
winds does their best to impress the people .
They roar as if they are their worst nightmare.
They swirl the houses into their white hands.
They clean the entire area with a new beginning for architectures.

water was brought by the winds, by the clashes of earth grounds.
The water wants to be higher, higher, and never reaching the ground.
The water blends with the sky, making the last day of seeing the sky.
Ever more beautiful, and terrifying.

There is nothing more terrifying than seeing death.
There is nothing more beautiful to see the nature scream at their loudest.

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