Bon Voyage

April 5, 2013
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Our friendship was sailing an epic voyage
across vast oceans with no food or water.
But our boat started breaking and sinking
from being tossed around by ignorance and greed.
We dreamt of being mermaids,
but became great white sharks.
Friends on the surface
but I fear what lies beneath the waves.

On a lonely island in the middle of the storm-ridden sea
you built a castle
with towers too high for anyone to climb.
I was overwhelmed with joy
when you threw down the key from your window.
Finally able to unlock the door, I went inside
only to find dragons and beasts waiting to eat me whole.
I fought them for you
I defeated them.
You gave me nothing in return.
You were finally free, but you climbed back up;
your tower seemed better than the outside world.
Was loneliness better than me?

Carefully I peeled away the walls inside your mind
to see who you really were.
Now I know you.
Or I think I do.

I don’t like it.
You led a double life,
and got angry when I found out.
Your scabbed up scars finally told me the truth.
The truth you told others with your mouth
dry from the late night conversations
you never bothered to include me on.
Where is the person I knew years ago?
You’re a broken record to me now.
Your needle no longer plays sweet music
but punctures my thoughts before they can even be fathomed.
Thoughts that only concern you.
Now I know your thoughts about me
only occur when you’re
instead of
Now when you fish for attention in your ocean
Don’t expect me to be the first one that bites.
I’m sick
and tired
of being thrown back in
as slim pickings for the sea monsters.

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