Sillent Villain

April 4, 2013
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I am but a face of never ending yesterday
The reek of false hopes -
An aura I wear everyday
I am but a creature
Who lives to change your state of mind
I can penetrate you and confuse you and consume you
But that would never occur to you
No you wouldn't even think
What crazy unspeakable things I am capable of creating
It's all in what you say
That I am innocent

And I wouldn't be surprised
Were you to take advantage of my obliviousness
Why it's just me, isn't it?
Being the naive little person I am?

But if you are real,
Tell me this:
Why would you dare take me seriously?
Why did you go all the way,
When all you received from me in return
Were immortal empty glares

And stealing glances now,
Sending phony passive smiles,
Implying something real,
Yet bearing the exact opposite,
Only false hopes complicated by fear

Catching any glimpse of you
Deny the last ounce of innocence
Hear you speak
Simple humbling words of a simple humbling voice -
Why it implies that you're kind!

What a curious thing
Don't you think?
How nothing seems a shame about you?
Even all the times you feel like a duck
It turns out to favour you

So may I ask?
Do you ever get tired?
Or at least find stupidity
In that you have to breakdown just to breakthrough?
Guess you're the one who's innocent after all

Image of humble perfection
How you tried to figure me out
You don't figure me out!
... I don't figure me out

Where these words will go,
How am I to know?
Will they bring me to my grave?
Will they keep me as a slave?
Or will they latch me up in a golden cage?
Cause really it seems
I'm just your nightingale
Being watched
Like it's all there is to live for
To tolerate

So what is it to you
Cause I know you're not having fun
And if you ever think for a moment
You'd get a knack with me
I'll let you know
I'm not having fun
But even that's the least of your worries

And when and if my secrets
I finally let overflow
Would you still find something pure
In someone you thought you knew?

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