My Ocean

April 3, 2013
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You are my ocean
Your wonders and depths splash and splinter the world
In art.
You are my favorite work in this world of the hated and
The beautiful.
Your waves carry a never ending mask
Of elegance and power.
You rule the shores of life
With the grace
Of a God
But, under your cloak
Of tides
Is a fear.
A fear of drowning in
your own waves
A fear of following
In the waters of
Predecessors who washed away
Your life.
A fear
That cripples your knuckles
Every time you raise
A hand in rage
A fear
That hardens
Your face and shields it
From rains of emotion.
A fear
Of blowing hurricanes
Of shaping tsunamis.
But, within your center
You carry life
And merciful love
You hug me with
You love me with
Every ounce in your oceans.
You love the world you have welcomed
You care about the world
You carved.
And for this, I will always
Swim in your life.
I will always stroke your holes
And fill them
To the best of my abilities.
I will love you
Even after our times together
Are washed away
With the tides of and ending life.
You can try to soak me out of you
Like a stain
But I love you.
My ocean,
I love you.
I love my ocean.

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