Day 1 - Me

April 1, 2013
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I remember us
myself and then the twisted me with you
we never were really one
I always felt uncomfortable in the skin
that you thought suited me
it never really felt right but maybe that was because

With makeup to cover up every trace of what I stood for
eye shadow, mascara, and eye liner
made it so hard to blink
that I often walked with my eyes closed
It was probably easier to lead my that way

Foundation because no one would ever
really understand where I came from
would they?
A broken home with more issues then medication could fix
concealer to cover up every trace
that could lead them to believe
you were an individual
blush so that it looks like there is blood
rushing to your cheeks and you can cling to the fact
that even if you aren't living
you are at least still human

lip gloss and lip stick make sure your lips stick to tight
that not a peep can be uttered out of you
that way when you see that boy getting beaten
down in the hallway you have an excuse for your silence

And these locker paved hallways are only an extension
of our closets, we stuff our secrets
into them and let them gossip with our skeletons
like high-school kids in hallways

heels so tall you start to picture that you're
above everyone, but it is only an illusion
and all the easier to fall
nails painted and pampered
but you still can't claw your way back into yourself

Darling when you look in the mirror do you even
recognize yourself anymore
Do you even remember the last time you called yourself beautiful
Tomorrow leave the costume at home

Walk around naked of any chemical enhancer they say makes you pretty
hold your head up, skip straight
and love yourself
Because I am worth loving

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