Love At A Coffee Shop

March 30, 2013
Two souls meet for the first time
Like a clock with a soft chime
The Smell of his coffee goes away
As she stands, he's entered a new day

A soft movement catches her eye
He's staring at her she wonders why
In an instant she's by his side
Heart thumping he smiles wide

Silence at fist but she starts
A blazing hot fire erupts in their hearts
Like a magnet that touches metal
Their nerves go away,they're settle

Like a beautiful red rose
She's the most beautiful girl he knows
He's scared to tell her
Like the smell of precious myrrh
She breaths and smells the new air
She's hoping and does a prayer
Her not knowing is what he can't bear

He breaths then he speaks
For he's found the pearl seeks
Like sweet apple pie
She's lifted up high

It was ac crazy ride
But he smiles ride
Foe he's found his beloved bride

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