I am Nothing

April 2, 2013

Please breathe me in.
I know I am nothing,
that is the fiery secret that reverberates through my hollow frame
I am only water and air and shame
Please hold my hand

I cried for no reason,
and then for every reason
Your body so close to mine
etched the delicate crescent shape of a question mark
A lie scorched the air between us
and my lips were those from which
it fell in shameful ashes
It was the first lie I ever told
yet it did not feel unfamiliar
for I have never spoken any meaningful truth
I know I am nothing

Eyes closed, body curled
like a mollusc shell,
so as you look through one end,
you can not see out the other side
emptiness hidden in an intricate frame
Oh, the sadness of optical illusion

You breathed me in
and sang away the saltwater rivulets on my cheeks
In a peaceful delirium,
I whispered to you my secret
again and again
over and over
I was surprised to find the breath that held it
was warm, but void of fire
"I am nothing"
It was the second lie I ever told

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