The Paradox Child

April 2, 2013
She's a tornado

a hurricane

a tsunami

she's spiraling out of control

like a beautiful tragedy
She's loved and hated in equal parts

loved and hated for who she is
loved and hated for who she's not

but at the end of the day
She likes to believe she knows her real friends
She's fire and ice

rage and beauty

and heart-breaking carelessness
she dances around

leaving a trail of beautiful destruction in her wake

and she's finally quit chasing a boy

who will nevereverever be worthy of her
She's adored and respected

in a ratio that varies depending on the person

and she smiles and glows and shines

you can barely look her in the eye
She's like the sun

blinding unless looked at in small doses
But you can't survive without the sun

you can't hold the sun

or capture it
She's a wild mare

a falcon released at last

a lioness just escaped

you can't capture her

even if you wanted to
A broken animal is heart breaking

holding her hostage would be devastating
She's standing on a cliff

perched to fly

about to fall

but she's learned from her mistakes

and she won't be taken advantage of

ever again
Smile darling

take a deep breath

and jump

this is the freefall

and it's exhilarating

can't breath - can't think

can't do anything but feel




See that sunrise

that's the beginning of the rest of your life

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