When I was Seventeen

March 30, 2013
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I have lost my love
In the mountains of the ocean.
It took her from me
When I was seventeen.
I have been searching
For a hundred years
But I have found nothing
Except for a pink scarf.

It was her favorite color.
She loved the way it popped
Against her skin.
She would wrap the cloth
Around her bones
Until one day,
When she was especially happy,
I mistook it for life.

I watched as her eyes slowly turned gray.
She wished they could be pink.
But colors die out eventually.
We both knew the pink would run out,
Even before the blue did.

The ocean stole that blue from her,
And from me.
I want it back.
Have you seen my love?
I see her body,
But I don’t see her.

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